Mission Statement

Pearls for Creative Healing (PCH) is a nonprofit organization that promotes awareness and empowers survivors of domestic violence through creative art programs.

The History

Pearls for Creative Healing was founded in 2012 by Sandra Guynes. The mission of the organization was to create a voice for survivors of domestic violence through art programs in the community including an annual survivors portrait exhibit titled End the Silence. End the Silence was co-founded by Sandra and Odell Guynes to create dialogue and help survivors share their stories through powerful imagery.

The 1st Annual End the Silence Exhibit took place in 2012 with 13 women photographed and sharing their stories to help empower and encourage those who remain silent in domestic violence.


In January 2013, Pearls for Creative Healing began to offer Art for Hearts, a monthly art workshop program for survivors of domestic violence. The workshops took place in Charlotte in various locations and were facilitated by local artists ranging from photographers, silk painters, dancers, acrylic painters and jewelry makers.

PCH continues to share the End the Silence exhibit through local events and online training to educate the world on the truth of what happens behind the scenes in domestic violence and the powerful women who are fortunate to survive.

In 2017, Pearls will begin it’s virtual academy.  A virtual space for survivors to enrich their lives through live training, workshops, support and love.